Something even more different: Crying.

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I’m a rather manly guy if I was to say so myself. I don’t understand the concept of “metro-sexuality” and “being in touch with your feminine side”. I prefer wearing jeans, I laugh loudly and sometimes hit my friends a little hard as a joke, I tell rude/obscene jokes, don’t care about having an unkempt beard in public and so on. I’m not saying that this is the definition of “manly”, I’m just saying that I see myself as such. If people like the “metro-sexuality” and like being in touch with your feminine side, all the more power to you. Now to the real point.

What is so wrong about crying if you are a man? Of course, I might be slightly out of touch with reality by now, and it might be more widely accepted now. Which is also a little why I’m writing this.¬† You see recently my girlfriend broke up with me. She was the kind of woman which you fit so well, that it was a one in a million fluke. At least I thought so. So she was/is the love of my life. Of course that can change, since I’m still not old enough to be able to say that definitely. So when she broke up with me, I cried! Sometimes I’m still on the verge of crying, or at the very least really sad.

That same day I had an important meeting I had to go to, and we had broken up just an hour or two before so I really didn’t feel up to it. I also kept hoping that I wasn’t going to start crying when outside. Of course I didn’t but I started again¬† 5 minutes after I had returned home.

But now that I am sitting here with a my head a little more clear. WHY? Why do we guys care so much about not crying in front of each other? And is it really so wrong for guys to cry? We all have feelings, no matter if you are male or female. So why not actually express them?

Let’s try and have a discussion? What do you think about crying, both as females and males? Should a guy cry, or should he always try not to? Is there a limit to what we should cry about? Do you cry when you get moved? Do you cry when something hurts? Or do you never cry? So what do you think?

Guys or girls! Men or women! Come in, give me a comment what you think, write a blog post about it, tease me, flame me, troll me, bully me, whatever. Just give me your thoughts about crying! Doesn’t even have to do with male’s crying, just crying in general! Come on, I challenge you to a discussion!


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Busy busy!!! Or am I? Who am I? Have you met Ego?

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That’s right, I have been quite lax when it comes to writing these past months. But there is a reason, not a good one nor a interesting¬† one. I have just been too busy, that and I have the mindset that I want to write when I want to write about what I want to write about. I understand that won’t probably bring in any more people reading this, but on the other hand if that was why I was writing, would that really be as interesting then as I would just be a person who has taken a side job without getting paid and how fun would that be for other people to read about?

Anyway what has happened since last is that I am finally done with my course in State science and has started reading Japanese again. It’s both fun and depressing seeing that I apparently has lost quite a lot of my “skills” in the language. But I need to finish this once and for all so I’ll just keep on taking the punishment to my small but proud Ego. Have you met him yet? Ego I call him, a kind and funny one he is. Knows more than he should, is smarter than his grades suggest and sometimes can be a big pain in the ass when he is too proud without any reason whatsoever and when he for some reason always have better understanding of others and what other people should do in certain situations, than his understanding of me and what I should do. But what can I do, Ego is always a part of me, even when I don’t want him to be.

Ah yes now the gay joke of the week or something right? No, sorry I was talking about myself if you didn’t get it. But that is the person I am and are. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Often though I can have a blast with my self and other friends and sometimes I walk around with a stupid smile on my face. I never know why, just that I am in a good mood for a reason no one knows, not even me. But that is what life is about isn’t it. Sometimes you’re happy, sometimes not. Sometimes you have money and sometimes you are poor. Some don’t even have friends and some have several. I can go on and on but there is never one exactly the same as anyone else and that is why the world and people can be so interesting, and that is also the reason why I sometimes wish I had the money or lived in a place where meeting new people would be easy and fun. Not to mention why I want to travel the world on the back of an elephant, living of the street, taking part time jobs everywhere I go just to get money to travel, and to see all the places in a light that no tourist will ever know. Sometimes the thought of escaping this boring-nothing-will-ever-happen-to-me world to try and find my everything-is-an-adventure world instead and just see what we can find on the other side of the oceans.

Ah oh god no. I did it again didn’t I. I slipped, lost my train of thought and slipped into something else. Must be tough to read what I write sometimes isn’t it, seeing as I always write without any idea what to write about and just keeps on rambling like a mental patient on drugs. I really need to change that part of me. Oh and I will try to write something more, and talk about something that can be a little more interesting. I have a few topics to discuss, seeing as I do have a lot of unsaid, unexplored and interesting ideas to talk and discuss about. I do hope some of you may find it in your time or hearts to let me take a few minutes while I do explore some of those and hopefully we can start discussing it, nothing more fun and interesting than having a civil discussion! Anyway that is all the time I can spare for today so… well…. have a nice week or something I guess and I will be back before you know it, or have disappeared from the internet completely.

We’ll see!

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