Something even more different: Crying.

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I’m a rather manly guy if I was to say so myself. I don’t understand the concept of “metro-sexuality” and “being in touch with your feminine side”. I prefer wearing jeans, I laugh loudly and sometimes hit my friends a little hard as a joke, I tell rude/obscene jokes, don’t care about having an unkempt beard in public and so on. I’m not saying that this is the definition of “manly”, I’m just saying that I see myself as such. If people like the “metro-sexuality” and like being in touch with your feminine side, all the more power to you. Now to the real point.

What is so wrong about crying if you are a man? Of course, I might be slightly out of touch with reality by now, and it might be more widely accepted now. Which is also a little why I’m writing this.  You see recently my girlfriend broke up with me. She was the kind of woman which you fit so well, that it was a one in a million fluke. At least I thought so. So she was/is the love of my life. Of course that can change, since I’m still not old enough to be able to say that definitely. So when she broke up with me, I cried! Sometimes I’m still on the verge of crying, or at the very least really sad.

That same day I had an important meeting I had to go to, and we had broken up just an hour or two before so I really didn’t feel up to it. I also kept hoping that I wasn’t going to start crying when outside. Of course I didn’t but I started again  5 minutes after I had returned home.

But now that I am sitting here with a my head a little more clear. WHY? Why do we guys care so much about not crying in front of each other? And is it really so wrong for guys to cry? We all have feelings, no matter if you are male or female. So why not actually express them?

Let’s try and have a discussion? What do you think about crying, both as females and males? Should a guy cry, or should he always try not to? Is there a limit to what we should cry about? Do you cry when you get moved? Do you cry when something hurts? Or do you never cry? So what do you think?

Guys or girls! Men or women! Come in, give me a comment what you think, write a blog post about it, tease me, flame me, troll me, bully me, whatever. Just give me your thoughts about crying! Doesn’t even have to do with male’s crying, just crying in general! Come on, I challenge you to a discussion!


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Something different: Why mother? Why father?

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First thank you for all the people who liked my short little writing practice yesterday. I was trying to go for something a little fun and suspenseful and I hope I succeeded.
But today I was thinking of something different. The topic is “Dangerous Parents”. No I’m not talking about parents who have killed or robbed sometime in their life, but parents that are “dangerous” towards their children. You see, I really don’t understand how parents can treat their children like they are their plaything or the like.

You see recently I read an article about mothers that took pictures of their children and sold them to a pedophile (yes it’s in Japanese, so sue me). It was 6 mothers that had  taken pictures of their children ranging from 7 months to 8 years old and then had sold them to a pedophile. I’m not going to go into why they did it, because I feel like it doesn’t really matter. I’m not even going to say that they are evil people, since I don’t even believe in that kind of thinking.

But I do wonder what they were thinking about? I mean, how can parents be so cold to their children. Do they even know what they are turning their children into when they treat them like this. I’m not saying that this is the worst thing I have read or heard about, nor that Japanese is the worst offender when it comes to treating their children like crap. I mean everyone has heard of Fritzel by now right?

Our children are not “things” to be messed with. Parents have their duty to raise their children properly, not to hurt them! We are supposed to protect them, not destroy them. That is why “we”, the society, is sometimes removing children from their parents. Children are our future and our hope. It’s our duty and privilege to raise them and do our best in giving them the correct tools so they can make their own “correct” decisions. Not to use and abuse them as you see fit!

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You make me ashamed of being called a human being!

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Have you ever felt that way when talking to someone? Or when watching someone on TV? You sit there in your sofa see a person utter something so stupid that you get ashamed to be even associated as the same species! Ever wonder how some people can be so stupid or jump to conclusions that just doesn’t make sense!

I do! And a lot more often than I like. I, a guy with opinions and ideals, hardly even join in to online conversations because of it. I can read a post that someone has written that is so utterly and totally stupid that my mind can’t even understand what the heck he is talking about. I often hear to boot people that flame a game/guy/girl/show/movie and whatever and have not only completely missed the vital parts but without even knowing anything about it! I read and hear people talking about movies like they have seen it without even having seen it. They just take everything at face value, they don’t investigate or even try to understand.

Why do so many PEOPLE want to be ignorant? I mean it’s not like even half of the “stupid” people really are lacking in brainpower. No it’s more like they just don’t want to know or think for themselves, which is the only reason we even can call ourselves something other than animals. So WHY? Is it really because of the anonymity of the internet that makes us such morons and hateful that we must flame people? Calling each other “n00b” just because someone did a little mistake. Calling each other “morons” or “bigots” at the drop of a word on a message board about a movie. Is it FUN? Is it EXCITING? Is it EASIER?

I have been feeling this for quite a while now. I mean there are a lot of people around who keep on spouting beliefs at me. Such stuff as “Marijuana is bad for you!” or “Let’s trust our government, they know what to do!”. I mean, it’s not even hard to keep up with the latest news and information, or even finding old information, yet people never investigates and try to find the facts, or try to look at the research that have come out and form their own opinion. That is probably the worst trait with “humans”. To not even have an informed opinion of whatever they believe. I mean, if a religious person has looked at the facts/research and their own religions history and litterature and still chooses to believe in their own religion, all the more power to them. It’s such things that get my respect!  But every time I see someone just choosing to flame someone, if I ever had respect of that person that would be lost.

Don’t think that I’m actually talking like everyone is stupid, it’s just that so many of “us” choose to take their own politicians and news at face value and not criticize or even question the politicians own “know-how”. I mean there could easily be people, and probably are, that want to legislate certain things because THEY believe things that could be completely wrong. Yet only a handful of people even listens up and tries to understand that person. Is he STUPID? Does he have an AGENDA? Or is there something else behind it? An example is the US of A’s recent “censuring” of the internet question.

So WHY? If anyone has a good answer for me, won’t you please try to answer this question. And no the answer is not 42.

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Ego RE:Visited

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Morning or goodnight to you all!

Last time I started talking about Ego in the middle of everything and it probably seemed like I was just blabbering, like always. Today though I want to talk some more about him, that strange friend that everyone has. When I say “Ego” everyone probably thinks about it like a negative trait in people, but I don’t. “Ego” is just “I”. To be precise it is the “I” in the old language of Latin, not something negative that people actually think. Some of you has probably heard of some of the insults using the word “Ego”. For example “Ah the Ego of that guy”, or “Damn what a big Ego you have”, or something like that. Often times it is used because of someone having the attitude of  being better than everyone.

This is the “Ego” that I want to discuss today, both my own and my thoughts on it but first, be honest to yourself and us, or at least me, don’t you too have thought such things about another person? Don’t worry, this isn’t a persecution or something, but more a exercise for you to open up your mind a little. Let me explain my thoughts. It is quite simple actually, it is a part of our personality and I am almost certain that it is rooted in our animalistic nature. What I mean is that before civilization we was always, and sometimes we still are, following the stronger man, the one who can lead us to survival and prosperity. I have no urge to pursue that further right now, but think about it.

In history we have always looked down upon humans that we have considered as less than us. People who seemed to be primitive to us, like the Japanese before Meiji or the Indians in America when we searched for new land and treasures. Yes yes, I am a European but I am neither proud nor apologetic about it, I am also white for all you that want to persecute or call me racist after this. We in Europe have had slaves, we have brought black slaves to America, heck we BOUGHT black slaves from black people in Africa, that is a fact people. Yes I am not proud of that, but there is also the fact that those people were already slaves but by their own “race”, as people like to say for some reason that is beneath me. We have been using and having slaves long before other colors of the skin was important and that is history. What I want to say is that there is only one reason slaves was possible, we thought we were the better ones and if anyone want to discuss or disapprove of that statement go ahead and discuss it, I am always willing when I have time.

So what was my point? That we are rooted in civilization and in our animal nature to follow the strong and that also leads to suppressing the weaker, or the ones we saw as the weaker. The same has been done for quite some time against the opposite sex, yes I am also a man so three strikes for me I guess. Of course there is a different story when it come to the opposite sex, until Christianity deemed girls and women to be “Impure” a word I can’t really fathom considering the blood soaked history Men has caused. Women was in certain older religions and traditions actually considered holy since they can do one thing that Men can never do! Create life! Anyway we have always been following people based on strength, either physical or mental, or shall we call it by it’s other name Charisma!

But you understand now right? You are not the only one who has ever felt that “I am superior to him” feeling. If you never have, you have either not lived long enough or aren’t stronger than anyone on anything or you are a better person than anyone else or the most likely choice, you are lying, both to yourself and to us, or at least to us. I don’t say that you enjoy that feeling nor that you should. In fact since we always strive to stop being animals we should always try to correct ourselves, but we have to first acknowledge what we have to correct before we can do anything about it. Don’t deny that you have been feeling such things and instead question yourself and that feeling.

Before I continue I have to confess that I too has had feelings of superiority, but I acknowledge that and try to change myself and see other people in different lights than before. But I want us to stop telling us that an Ego is wrong to have! Ego is more than just a feeling of superiority! It is ourselves, it is what we are, what we have become and what we are turning into, it can even be our dreams. It’s an ever evolving creature soaking up surroundings and feelings and growing, turning us into humans instead of animals who only live on lust and hunger. It is what makes us create incredible things and ideas, it is what makes us communicate with each other and most of all it is where all our feelings come from. Ego should be our best friend, he should always be there for us and should always keep himself open to new ideas to get our “Race”, meaning Humans not Color, to evolve into something more than humans and especially animals. Without our Ego we wouldn’t be able to appreciate other peoples touch, different colors, or the simple beauty of fireworks or nature. So stop turning the “Ego” into something negative.

I can discuss this on so many other levels and have much more that I can draw it out, but I hope you who have read understand what my view of “Ego” is. Of course I have only defended the Ego of those people who feels they are superior, I don’t support nor acknowledge their right to feel like that.

I think I have overstayed my welcome right about now, but I only wanted to discuss this with you and please leave a comment or even better write in another blog, if you of course manages to see this before it disappears in the world wide web. But anyone who reads even if you don’t want to drop a comment, think about your “Ego”. How much do you know him/her and have you felt superior and why? If you open yourself to those thoughts than maybe you can learn something about yourself that no one knew or at least that you didn’t know. But most importantly it opens your mind for a world and possibilities that you would never have dreamed of otherwise.

Try it.

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Writing for me!

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I’m once again having an evening such as this. An evening where I, even though if I went outside taking a walk I would probably fall asleep midstep and stand like that ’till morning come, can’t fall asleep. No instead I all of a sudden felt like writing something so now I’m once again am sitting here half naked just trying to write myself to sleep. So I’ll guess I’ll just have to do that. Hope you bear with me since I have no real topic today, as usual.

It’s weird, I started this blog because I wanted some place to have an outlet and to get into writing and maybe publish small excerpts where people can or might advise me or something like that, instead this blog seems to be turning into something more of a personal one. Not that I care it’s just funny considering I tried out making one such before, with the usual end of me just forgetting and then not caring anymore. Well not that anyone actually seems to read it, but still it’s kind of fun how things sometimes change into something else than it was intended for.

Well at least I get experience writing, both creatively and thoughtfully. Of course I am far from actually being funny nor experienced but I guess that trying is the best any one person can be. I would though want other people, than those who know me, to actually read what I write in this blog of mine. It would be fun to see what other people would think and best of all might be able to get a few discussions afloat. I have a lot of stuff just aching to come out and expose it’s filthy parts to people and all kinds of topics that are taboo and topics that people might not discuss fully.

But one thing is clear this blog of mine is always gonna be the discussion of nothing and everything. I don’t want to limit it to just one theme like Otaku mania, Political, Religious or any other theme. It’s a place for fantasy and discussion, and who knows if what I am writing one day is the truth or if it’s false. I write because I want to and need to and I would hope that people might read because they want to and enjoy it.

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