Dreams of a Bill!

December 15, 2009 at 3:57 am (General) (, , , , , )

Yes it’s me again! This time I need to be a little more serious it seems like. You see a representative of the Swedish Pirate Party has been talking about something they call an “Internet Bill of Rights”. This is something which would protect peoples publishing rights and to restrict the authorities to interfere with what should be every citizens human right already. The problem is that this bill of rights is a dream, just a dream. It seems to be a hard bill to get politicians to agree on and pass, especially as every politician nowadays seem to enjoy restricting and taking away liberties from it’s citizens under the false pretense of it being because of terror.

But I don’t want the people that is positive to this bill to stop dreaming. Actually I want the exact opposite since the stronger the dream, the bigger the ambition and the bigger the ambition, the bigger the chance for success so I just want to applaud and cheer them on! I believe that you will fight for this and I expect you to since this might be the answer to keeping our internet free!

This place is the only place where everyone is born equal and everyone will stay equal. Here it doesn’t matter if you are a 13 year old loner or a 40 year old mom. Everyone get to speak their mind, everyone has a chance to let people know what’s on their mind! This is also a place where racism doesn’t exist, at least until you tell people who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are christian or atheist when discussing topics other than religion. Here you can be anonymous to avoid people getting the unnecessary information that can cloud their mind.

I know that racism do exist, but without the necessary information it can’t exist since no one can see if I’m black or white when behind my computer screen writing this. Which can bring forth discussions totally and completely without racist comments and may bring forward pure discussions. Of course there are brats and “evil” people on here too that just can’t discuss anything and has to retort with childish insults, but that is the part of us and the citizens of our beloved country the Internet.

I have unfortunately read a book called “On Liberty” written by John Stuart Mill, where although really interesting can seem to just go on and on with all the examples he writes about. In there he has a discussion about the thoughts and ideas of people in a democracy and why freedom of speech is necessary. He writes, of course I’m totally paraphrasing, that all ideas and thoughts and input is important, doesn’t matter from who or where but it is all important. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad input, or if it’s a stupid idea or not. The important part is that it comes to the surface and people hears it. He says that in every idea, even in the most stupid ones there is always at least a speck of truth. So the more thoughts the more the truth reveals itself to us and the more we can discuss it and more discussions leads to ourselves getting influenced and through that we will also influence the people around us that we are discussing with.

This is important to you and to me. Without this freedom we experience we would have no way to express ourselves freely or to upload our own videos to youtube, just to name a few things. So I say once again people keep dreaming and keep working towards that dream! Otherwise my nightmare may come true, a nightmare where my own thoughts and words will no longer be able to reach other peoples minds and eyes and where I won’t be able to read or experience other peoples thoughts. And that scares me more than death itself!


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