Something different: Why mother? Why father?

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First thank you for all the people who liked my short little writing practice yesterday. I was trying to go for something a little fun and suspenseful and I hope I succeeded.
But today I was thinking of something different. The topic is “Dangerous Parents”. No I’m not talking about parents who have killed or robbed sometime in their life, but parents that are “dangerous” towards their children. You see, I really don’t understand how parents can treat their children like they are their plaything or the like.

You see recently I read an article about mothers that took pictures of their children and sold them to a pedophile (yes it’s in Japanese, so sue me). It was 6 mothers that had  taken pictures of their children ranging from 7 months to 8 years old and then had sold them to a pedophile. I’m not going to go into why they did it, because I feel like it doesn’t really matter. I’m not even going to say that they are evil people, since I don’t even believe in that kind of thinking.

But I do wonder what they were thinking about? I mean, how can parents be so cold to their children. Do they even know what they are turning their children into when they treat them like this. I’m not saying that this is the worst thing I have read or heard about, nor that Japanese is the worst offender when it comes to treating their children like crap. I mean everyone has heard of Fritzel by now right?

Our children are not “things” to be messed with. Parents have their duty to raise their children properly, not to hurt them! We are supposed to protect them, not destroy them. That is why “we”, the society, is sometimes removing children from their parents. Children are our future and our hope. It’s our duty and privilege to raise them and do our best in giving them the correct tools so they can make their own “correct” decisions. Not to use and abuse them as you see fit!


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A book with no name: A good start.

July 28, 2012 at 1:24 pm (Writing) (, , , , )

’Good night’ I said with a mumble, almost as if it was to the world rather than any person. I had always thought of saying that as the last thing to say if I ever were to die. Of course there was always the chance that I wouldn’t be capable to, but I was always hoping. “Good night” seemed the correct phrase, since the doctors always said “Don’t worry, it’s like falling asleep”.  I had still decided. “No way I am going to die like that, in a hospital bed.” Thankfully for me, I never got the chance to. Of course, now I wouldn’t get to see the end of my favorite hospital drama either! What is going to happen between that sexy doctor and the nurse? Is the nurse ever going to get that hammer removed from her skull? And will the doctor ever get his brain back? Oh no, and what about their child growing in the nurse’s stomach? And will they ever tell us how two men could get pregnant like that? And then the last thought I had was, “Huh! Is this… really… my only… regret?”. I died…. Or so I thought!

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