…… Alive

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….. It’s me! I have apparently gotten myself to write something here again. It’s been a while since last.. I have been busy with school and then the holidays showed up and knocked me down so I just woke up and saw the time and felt the need to at least let people know I am still alive.


I am….



But oh so tired. It must have been all that hard thinking I did before the holiday showed up and knocked on my door. Anyway, I am awake once more and I even have a few topics to talk about, I just need to collect my body parts and the few thoughts I call my own and then to recover from the food and I’m in business. So I see you guys around! And don’t do anything that I won’t do!

Oh and a Happy Merry Christmas and upcoming New Year!


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Dreams of a Bill!

December 15, 2009 at 3:57 am (General) (, , , , , )

Yes it’s me again! This time I need to be a little more serious it seems like. You see a representative of the Swedish Pirate Party has been talking about something they call an “Internet Bill of Rights”. This is something which would protect peoples publishing rights and to restrict the authorities to interfere with what should be every citizens human right already. The problem is that this bill of rights is a dream, just a dream. It seems to be a hard bill to get politicians to agree on and pass, especially as every politician nowadays seem to enjoy restricting and taking away liberties from it’s citizens under the false pretense of it being because of terror.

But I don’t want the people that is positive to this bill to stop dreaming. Actually I want the exact opposite since the stronger the dream, the bigger the ambition and the bigger the ambition, the bigger the chance for success so I just want to applaud and cheer them on! I believe that you will fight for this and I expect you to since this might be the answer to keeping our internet free!

This place is the only place where everyone is born equal and everyone will stay equal. Here it doesn’t matter if you are a 13 year old loner or a 40 year old mom. Everyone get to speak their mind, everyone has a chance to let people know what’s on their mind! This is also a place where racism doesn’t exist, at least until you tell people who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are christian or atheist when discussing topics other than religion. Here you can be anonymous to avoid people getting the unnecessary information that can cloud their mind.

I know that racism do exist, but without the necessary information it can’t exist since no one can see if I’m black or white when behind my computer screen writing this. Which can bring forth discussions totally and completely without racist comments and may bring forward pure discussions. Of course there are brats and “evil” people on here too that just can’t discuss anything and has to retort with childish insults, but that is the part of us and the citizens of our beloved country the Internet.

I have unfortunately read a book called “On Liberty” written by John Stuart Mill, where although really interesting can seem to just go on and on with all the examples he writes about. In there he has a discussion about the thoughts and ideas of people in a democracy and why freedom of speech is necessary. He writes, of course I’m totally paraphrasing, that all ideas and thoughts and input is important, doesn’t matter from who or where but it is all important. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad input, or if it’s a stupid idea or not. The important part is that it comes to the surface and people hears it. He says that in every idea, even in the most stupid ones there is always at least a speck of truth. So the more thoughts the more the truth reveals itself to us and the more we can discuss it and more discussions leads to ourselves getting influenced and through that we will also influence the people around us that we are discussing with.

This is important to you and to me. Without this freedom we experience we would have no way to express ourselves freely or to upload our own videos to youtube, just to name a few things. So I say once again people keep dreaming and keep working towards that dream! Otherwise my nightmare may come true, a nightmare where my own thoughts and words will no longer be able to reach other peoples minds and eyes and where I won’t be able to read or experience other peoples thoughts. And that scares me more than death itself!

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Writing for me!

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I’m once again having an evening such as this. An evening where I, even though if I went outside taking a walk I would probably fall asleep midstep and stand like that ’till morning come, can’t fall asleep. No instead I all of a sudden felt like writing something so now I’m once again am sitting here half naked just trying to write myself to sleep. So I’ll guess I’ll just have to do that. Hope you bear with me since I have no real topic today, as usual.

It’s weird, I started this blog because I wanted some place to have an outlet and to get into writing and maybe publish small excerpts where people can or might advise me or something like that, instead this blog seems to be turning into something more of a personal one. Not that I care it’s just funny considering I tried out making one such before, with the usual end of me just forgetting and then not caring anymore. Well not that anyone actually seems to read it, but still it’s kind of fun how things sometimes change into something else than it was intended for.

Well at least I get experience writing, both creatively and thoughtfully. Of course I am far from actually being funny nor experienced but I guess that trying is the best any one person can be. I would though want other people, than those who know me, to actually read what I write in this blog of mine. It would be fun to see what other people would think and best of all might be able to get a few discussions afloat. I have a lot of stuff just aching to come out and expose it’s filthy parts to people and all kinds of topics that are taboo and topics that people might not discuss fully.

But one thing is clear this blog of mine is always gonna be the discussion of nothing and everything. I don’t want to limit it to just one theme like Otaku mania, Political, Religious or any other theme. It’s a place for fantasy and discussion, and who knows if what I am writing one day is the truth or if it’s false. I write because I want to and need to and I would hope that people might read because they want to and enjoy it.

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December 10, 2009 at 12:24 am (General) (, , , , , )

I might have something to confess, maybe. That actually depends a lot on what people might think, of course I’m unfortunately a person who doesn’t really care about what other people think, maybe. You see a certain person was coming over the other weekend. A person who had been missed and I was really looking forward to some sweet kissing time, but then HE had to bring with him a girl…..

Yes I am a man, so what I can’t miss a good friend from time to time or is there something wrong with liking guys? Huh is there IS THERE?

Hahahaha!! Kidding, I’m only joking. Seriously if you knew him, good luck actually liking him at all. As a friend he rocks! But as a boyfriend, OH GOD, I feel sorry for all the girls that falls for him. I mean he actually have ON paper a reason to be heartless, that is bad. So this girl who is it? Oh only his latest victim, fortunately for her she hated him before she liked him, or so she says she can’t say why she hated/hate him. Anyway it was actually quite a nice meeting. Except for her being drunk, which actually turned out to be quite fun and made her lips a lot more loose than usual, apparently. Oh by the way with “lips” I actually meant the “lips” on her MOUTH, pervert!

Now that the storm called “friends” have passed and my test is done, I of course have to make a re-test for another I took a while ago. Something about not enough background but brilliant discussion, yeah right then at least give me a passing grade. So I’m “studying” for the re-test just waiting for it to be released. I sure hope I can have this cat in the bag so I can get on with my “life”. A life that is apparently going to take Philosophy next term, let’s see how that works out. I just hope it doesn’t make me dream or just sit around thinking even more. I mean seriously that feels already like the only thing I am actually doing sometimes.

Now where was I?? Ah, yes confessions… Uhmm… Ahhhh…. Ohhhhh..!!

I like Japan. I have never been there but the culture, history, food and products coming out of Japan just seems so interesting. I mean I watch not only Japanese animations, so called Anime for people not knowing anything better (unfortunately that makes even me use the word wrong), but I even watch Japanese Television Series and can probably give a whole lot of tips for both. I read Japanese comic books too, called Manga (don’t make me go into that word too), listen to Japanese music (I have no idea why I listen to it more than american) and has even learned to speak, read and write Japanese (Oh please don’t mention kanji, I’m terrible at it). Okay okay, I’m infatuated with Japan. Goddammit and I haven’t even been there, which is probably why I still can’t seem to let go of this perfect picture everyone has painted in my head about the Japanese girls. I seriously need to meet some more girls from Japan, only then I can probably see them as simple girls instead of perfect as any kind of series or comic book has shown.

I mean the best way to stop dreaming about something is to see the true nature of what ever it was you was fantasizing about. Like if you when you were little was dreaming about some girl you thought was pretty all you had to do was talk to her for your fantasy to come crashing down into your head, travel down the throat, passing through the stomach and your intestines only to kick you in the balls, from inside your own body. That was basically what it felt like sometimes. Of course, if you also was clever enough to stay there for a while longer thinking, “It might not be so bad”, you quickly understand either A) or B).

A) means JACKPOT!!! Whohoo!!! She’s nice and cute!!!

B) means “SEND ME TO HELL, NOW!!!!” because, well I leave it to your own mind to sort out!

Damn this got a helluva lot longer than expected, but that is what it is sometimes. Can’t just write something nice and “Whohoo I’m done” but has to go around spouting nonsense and what not. As you have noticed, my mind can be kind of muddy, cloudy and confusing, but at least you can be happy you don’t live in it! Of course you can be quite happy that you don’t even live in my apartment, for that same exact reason too. Hmmm!!! Anyway gonna stop “talking” now and probably gonna try to sleep some.

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Ah yes! The death of another democratic civilization.

December 1, 2009 at 12:11 pm (General) (, , , )

Today democracy once again “bit the dust” so to speak as the once suave little country known only as Sweden once again proved that it’s politicians are power mad and has lost the sight of what made Sweden great to begin with. I’m not going to go in too much in detail as the only defense left against these dictators are the impressive and freedom fighting PiratPartiet. I just wanted us to take a silent minute for this sad day and to give the people in Sweden our support in the fight ahead.

Thank you for everything dear Sweden and I hope we can hear from your country again, when you have escaped the clutches of your vultures.
Go in peace!

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